After months of preparation, Metis Flight Research Associates (MFRA) is excited to have started the Simulation and Aircraft Services (SAS) task order support for the Simulation Development and Analysis Branch of the Research Services Directorate at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia.

Simulation and Aircraft Services task order provides full life cycle flight simulation software and hardware services and flight simulation infrastructure engineering services for LaRC ground-based and flight research systems and facilities. Hardware services include engineering, operations, and maintenance of the simulation hardware and software infrastructure. Infrastructure engineering services include modification of existing infrastructure, design and implementation of new infrastructure, and support for simulation operations and maintenance activities. 

The Flight Simulation Facilities (FSF) are comprised of computing systems including the Real-Time Computer Systems, a six-degree-of-freedom motion base, full-sized simulator cockpits, and a multi-purpose re-configurable test and evaluation simulator. The FSF also includes Systems Integration and Laboratories.  

This independent task order service to NASA LaRC is provided as part of the NASA AMES SimLab III contract and is in line with the Agency’s Mission Support Architecture Program (MAP). NASA’s MAP plan envisions an enterprise-level procurement strategy where more centralized and standardized services, resulting in higher quality, accuracy, and flexibility at reduced cost for the Agency.