MFRA Team at NASA LaRC Supports High Density Vertiplex Demonstration

NASA LaRC Simulation Development and Analysis Branch facilities and labs support numerous important NASA UAS/UAM technology development projects such as City Environment for Range Testing of Autonomous Integrated Navigation. The Integration and Validation Laboratory (SIVL) is a key asset for conducting hardware-in-loop simulation-to-flight missions for the agency. 

Members of the MFRA NASA-LaRC Simulation & Aircraft Services (SAS) team led months of effort to design and develop a robust and reliable computer and electronic control station to support the High Density Vertiplex (HDV) Scalable Autonomous Operation and Prototype Assessment Operation project. On April 27, the capability was demonstrated to the leadership teams from the NASA LaRC Engineering Directorate and the Research Services Directorate. “Our team worked diligently to enhance the SIVL in support of this important demonstration of LaRC capabilities,” said MFRA SAS Program Manager Fred Miandoab. “The HDV automation system will enable small remotely piloted aircraft to assess how vertiport automation can enhance safety and efficiency of operations, and MFRA is proud to be a part of this innovative NASA project.”